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Welcome to my new website!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my brand new website. I’m excited you stopped by to check it out and hope you like what you see!  

I have always been a very visual person and love that I can combine my love for color and design and call it work.  

To give you a quick idea on what I do – I provide a wide range of affordable design services from book covers for print and ebooks to postcards, bookmarks, custom ads, logos, social media art and more.  With over 15 years of combined experience in advertising and design, I can help your book standout in a crowd and find its way to your audience.  Whether I’m working on a banner, a bookmark or a full cover print jacket for your new release, I give my full attention to every project I handle and it’s not done until you LOVE it! 

I would love to work with you on your next project, however big or small.  I’m based in Bellevue, WA but happy to work with you regardless of your geography and time zone.  So email me at or reach me by phone at 425.274.6254.  

Thanks again for stopping by and now let’s talk about design and have some fun with color!




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