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Author Brand Design Services

Lee Hyat designed my Wildflower Ranch series covers and they couldn’t be more professional, distinctive or reflective of my brand. Lee’s expertise shines through in her attention to detail and the quick-turnaround of her designs.

—Alissa Callen, USA Today Bestselling Author

I love Lee’s covers. She has designed some beautiful covers and bookmarks for me. I always look forward to seeing a new Lee Hyat book cover.

—Eve Gaddy, National Bestselling Author

Chance for Love has a sensational cover thanks to Lee Hyat. She is fast, professional and so very easy to work with. Her understanding of my characters made it easy to choose between her options. I’d definitely use her again.

— Ann B. Harrison

Lee Hyat creates the best book covers! I’ve used her design services for years and she always impresses me with her talent, experience and high-quality work.

—Susanna Carr

Lee Hyat possesses such an artist's flair for design that she has consistently been able to create visually evocative and vibrant covers for my novels that capture my heart, imagination and the essence of my stories. Sometimes I find myself just staring at the images she creates instead of working.

—Sinclair Jayne

I have been thrilled and delighted with my covers designed by Lee Hyat. With her boundless creativity she has managed to capture the essence of my smart but sexy heroes. I highly recommend her.

—Joss Wood

Lee Hyat’s gorgeous covers for my Tule books perfectly set the tone for the stories inside. Filled with romance and sparkling promise, her images never disappoint!

— Jennifer Gracen

Business Card Design: $45.00

  • 1 week or less turnaround time.
  • I will need high res image of any icon/logo/art you’d like to include on your business card
  • I want you to love your business card 100% and try never to limit you to a specific number of changes. Let’s work on it till you love it!
  • Full payment is required to start the work.
  • Final business card art files delivered in PDF format via dropbox upon completion.
  • Does not include printing but I can get you a quote if you include your mailing address and approximate desired quantities.

Logo Design: $100.00+

  • Approximately two weeks turnaround time.
  • I want you to love your logo 100% and try never to limit you to a specific number of changes. Let’s work on it till you love it!
  • Main logo is $100.00 with another $35.00 for each additional variation.
  • Full payment is required to start the work.
  • Final art files delivered in .eps and .png format via dropbox upon completion.

Social Media Graphics Package: $100.00

  • 1 Facebook header featuring a personalized image  
  • 3 social media graphics for teasers (provided by author)
  • 1 Pre-Order social media graphic for your new book
  • 1 Cover-Reveal social media graphic for the book
  • 1 Available Now social media graphic for the book
  • 1 banner ad (120×300) featuring your cover and release date
  • 3D cover image

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